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Burow Museum

In Honor of Suzanne Burow
Construction 2015 : Opening 2016/7

The Exchange Place acquired the Gaines-Anderson house, originally put up about 200+ years ago by the brother of John Gaines, who was the original developer of what we now know as Exchange Place. It currently sits just a few miles away. It has been dismantled, moved and re-assembled on our property. The idea behind it is to bring to life an idea that has been anticipated for a long time: developing a museum of 19th century NE Tennessee farm life! Come see the Burow Museum :)

Opening 2016/17

Pictures : Kari Roueche works with the Kingsport Archives, and has been taking photos as the Gaines-Anderson buildings have been in the process of becoming the Burow Museum.

She has put together a wonderful photo essay, which you can see here: View Archive Here

ExchangePlace CabinUpdate Burow Museum September 24, 2014

Exchange Place : Burow Museum Groundbreaking : May 19, 2014

Community Honors Suzanne Burow : May 9, 2008


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